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Joe Earl Hargrove

"Trade with Integrity, Live with Passion, and Cultivate Tomorrow's Legacy."

Joe Earl Hargrove, a stalwart in Texas agriculture, was the visionary founder of Southwest Livestock Exchange. Born in 1942 in Uvalde, Texas, his passion for cattle trading emerged early in his teenage years, leading to a distinguished career in livestock and agriculture. Joe's contributions were multifaceted - he was a successful businessman, a mentor, and a fervent supporter of youth in agriculture. His leadership in various agricultural organizations and his instrumental role in saving and expanding a local bank showcased his diverse skills and commitment to community development. Joe's legacy, marked by his profound love for the land and livestock, continues to inspire and resonate within the agricultural community. His passing in 2021 left an indelible mark on the industry and those who knew him.

Joe Earl Hargrove and Southwest Livestock Exchange

Joe Earl Hargrove: A Pillar of Agricultural Passion and Expertise

Joe Earl Hargrove, born on March 25, 1942, in Uvalde, Texas, was not just a successful businessman but a true pioneer in the agricultural sector. From his early days in high school, Joe exhibited an unquenchable passion for cattle trading, a skill he honed by skipping classes to buy and trade cattle. This early venture into livestock marked the beginning of a lifelong journey that would shape the agricultural landscape of South Texas.

In 1967, Joe, alongside his wife, Nadine Hargrove, founded Southwest Livestock Exchange, a testament to his vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years, Joe transformed this venture into a thriving business, encompassing cattle, horses, sheep, and goats, and became a respected figure in the community.

Joe's dedication extended beyond business. He was deeply involved in supporting local youth in agriculture, recognizing their potential as the future pillars of the community. His contributions were numerous, including key roles in various agricultural organizations and initiatives. He was the Special Wagon Boss of West Texas Boys Ranch in 1972, President of the Uvalde Fair Association in 1973, and notably, Man of the Year in Agriculture in 1977.

Moreover, Joe's impact was felt in the banking sector, where as a majority stockholder, he played a crucial role in reviving a struggling bank, expanding its reach significantly.

But it wasn't just business acumen that defined Joe. His love for the land, the livestock, and everything agriculture offered was evident in every aspect of his life. He was a mentor, a leader, and a friend to many, always ready to lend a hand or share a piece of advice. His legacy lives on, not just in the thriving Southwest Livestock Exchange but in the hearts of those he touched.

Joe Earl Hargrove's legacy is upheld by his daughter Melody Speer, her husband Jimmy, and their sons, Justin and Cline, sustaining his hard work, dedication, and vision to impact the livestock industry.